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Commissions & Prices

I am currently taking colour pencil  commissions for 2023 .The price of the portrait depends on the size.

Please                                   for availability on the  waitlist  or any other enquiries you may have.


20% deposit fee to secure your portrait space.

Final payment on completion of work. 

Shipping is additional cost and dependent on size and weight. 

A clear and good quality photo is required . Several photos are welcomed. This allows me to  capture the character of your pet, their expressions and lovely fur. 

I use lightfast colour pencils and archival material.

The prices are based on one subject, head and neck pose.

Sizes  are based on paper size and your portrait will be a good size within the paper space.


Head and Neck Portraits


Size                  1 Subject            2 Subjects

8 x 6 inches



8 x12inches








Full body portraits


16x20 inches         



 All Portraits will be mounted but  unframed.
Please enquire if you are interested in your portrait being framed.

 Payment Plan  

Deposit + 3 instalments

Example: Payment - £300.
Deposit -20% = £60.
3 instalments- £ 80.
Payment spread over 3 months. 
Portrait will be delivered or can be collected after last payment.


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